At a time when it seems that cbd-based products are everywhere, it shouldn’t be surprising that they even arrive in the bedroom!
That’s right! Want to increase your sexual pleasure? Want to try an orgasm from buzz ? Are you tired of selfish, lazy, little adventurous partners?
Try XES Sensual , a stimulating vaginal serum that can help you get better results!

XES Sensual supports, in fact, the natural neurochemical endocannabinoid system that each of us has in our body .
The ECS system consists of receptors and neurotransmitters that respond to cannabinoids, supporting the production of dopamine and serotonin, related to libido and fundamental in the perception of sexual pleasure.
The ECS system can influence everything: from your mood to your appetite to your sexual desire, up to the response of your body during sex.
If it may seem strange to you, just think that already in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia doctors prescribed remedies derived from cannabis to treat gynecological conditions: village herbalists and tribal healers prescribed cannabis not only for the treatment of conditions such as , for example, pain due to menstrual cramps, problems related to menopause, nausea during pregnancy, but also as an aphrodisiac.

Many studies show that phytocannabinoids are able to increase blood flow to the clitoris and vagina – a phenomenon known as vasodilation – which leads to sexual arousal in women , also promoting natural body lubrication.
The use of CBD in the bedroom can also create a feeling of calm, relaxation and euphoria and all this obviously translates into greater sexual pleasure.
XES Sensual is able to bring you, therefore, to a greater sensitivity and a better relaxation experience , which creates more willingness to receive a pleasant touch and which can, in turn, lead you to better and stronger orgasms.
Its use can help with vaginal pain and penetration and can reduce and even prevent irritation, thanks to its soothing and hypo-irritating action, evidenced by numerous laboratory tests, which have also certified its safety for consumers and compliance with EU legislation on cosmetics.

The application of XES Sensual is very simple and occurs through the XES ErgoApplicatore – a very particular anatomical delivery mechanism, provided with a head whose sinuous shape has been specially created to be moved sensually between the clitoral hood and the small and large vaginal lips – on the muco-cutaneous tissue of the vagina with the simple pressure of a finger on the actuator button.

The key to the best sex ever? XES Sensual! The CBD product that makes your private parts feel high , without your mind being high !